Ruthmann T 400

8770, 8771, 8792, 8793, 8794, 8795
Model:T 400
Year of build:2014
Price: € 199.000,00 excl. 19% VAT
Max. working height:40,26 m
Max. platform height:38,26 m
Max. reach:31,08 m
Total dimensions LxWxH:9,74 x 2,53 x 3,78 m
Platform dimensions LxW:3,80 x 0,97 m
Max. basket load:600 kg
Swivel range:250°
Ground pressure:150 kN
Ground clearance:0,22 m
Support width vertical:2,86 m
Support width one side:4,77 m
Support width both sides:6,60 m
Support length:6,37 m
Own weight:16.100 kg
Total permissible weight:18.000 kg
Special features:Rotatable work basket 2x 90°, basket arm, rotation angle 180°, WITHOUT roof protection, loading area with side walls, telescopic basket arm enables working over obstacles, computer-aided automatic support system, generator 4 KVA/230 V enables independent power supply in the work basket, PPE anchor points available, lockable box body for material 1, 18 x 0.80 x 0.60m, *can be telescoped to 2.42 m.
Information:TÜV and UVV new