Ruthmann TBR 220

8762, 8764, 8769, 8775
Model:TBR 220
Year of build:2014
Price: € 67.500,00 excl. 19% VAT
Max. working height:21,85 m
Max. platform height:19,85 m
Max. reach:16,90 m
Total dimensions LxWxH:6,93 x 2,20 x 2,99 m
Platform dimensions LxW:1,41 x 0,69 m
Max. basket load:230 kg
Swivel range:2x 225°
Ground pressure:31 kN
Ground clearance:0,16 m
Support width vertical:2,20 m
Support width one side:2,93 m
Support width both sides:3,66 m
Support length:4,16 m
Own weight:3.440 kg
Total permissible weight:3.500 kg
Special features:Rotatable work basket 2x 85°, basket arm rotation angle 185°, enormous reach, installation inclination up to 5°, automatic retraction and set-up, socket in the work basket
Information:TÜV and UVV new
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