Wumag WT 610 (Allrad)

Model:WT 610
Year of build:2011
Price: € 235.000,00 excl. 19% VAT
Max. working height:61,00 m
Max. lifting height:59,00 m
Max. reach:34,80 m
Total dimensions LxWxH:12,00 x 2,54 x 3,99 m
Platform dimension WxD:3,80 x 1,05 m
Max. basket load:600 kg
Swivel range:+/-270°
Ground pressure:240 kN
Ground clearance:0,32 m
Support width vertical:2,60 m
Support width one side:5,26 m
Support width both sides:8,34 m
Support length:7,65 m
Own weight:31.115 kg
Total permissible weight:32.000 kg
Special features:Rotatable work basket 170°, basket arm rotation angle 180°. Extreme maneuverability thanks to 2 steered front axles, thanks to the extra wide tires the vehicle has no traction problems even on sandy surfaces, permanently installed generator on the loading area, loading area with side walls, telescopic basket arm, which can then be telescoped to 2.30 m.
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